Orange Dandelion Iced Tea

The humble dandelion or the “pesky” dandelion?


For decades, sprayed with nasty chemicals and pulled out by the roots in order to annihilate it’s very existence was an eyesore to those who dreamed of greener grasses.   However, the dandelion is making a comeback.   Origanally brought to North America by early colonists as a food source, the dandelion is again being recognized as just that.  The leaves make great salads and researchers, such as those from The University of Windsor, have been studying its effects as a potent cancer fighter.

Our orange dandelion tea is a refreshing summer drink and a welcome change from your everyday lemonade.

Recipe  (makes one glass)

Dandelion Tea Bag (preferably organic)
Juice from 1/2 an orange
1/4 tsp vanilla paste
Honey (preferably local) to taste

Steep tea bag in water that has boiled for five minutes.  Add orange juice, vanilla and honey.  Refrigerate until cold.
Garnish with ice cubes and orange slices.

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