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The Unsightly Plumbing Pipe – Decorating Solutions

What to do with a plumbing pipe going straight through your bathroom?  Most times the solution would be to build a cabinet around it.  However, with the window right there, we were stuck with it.  So, I decided to make the best of it and turn it into a feature.  First thing was a paint… Continue reading The Unsightly Plumbing Pipe – Decorating Solutions

Soups · Tried and True Healthy and Yummy Recipes

Coconut Curry Turkey Soup

This is a super healthy and crazy delicious soup recipe for leftover turkey and turkey stock.  It’s a new take on a bone broth soup, reminiscent my favourite Indian dishes, Butter Chicken.  Just a warning… Any loved ones you feed this to are going to want seconds so hopefully you will have enough. I’ll start… Continue reading Coconut Curry Turkey Soup

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Hearty Healthy Flavourful Turkey Chili

When I go through the trouble of cooking a turkey, I purposely cook a bird that is more than needed for one or two dinners.  For example, for our Easter dinner for five, I cooked an 11 pound bird.  There is just so much you can do with turkey leftovers!  It’s healthy and it’s economical!… Continue reading Hearty Healthy Flavourful Turkey Chili