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Livin’ the Good Life in the Free World

About Us

We are a fun loving married couple, who like to eat, make food, eat food, create new recipes, renovate, decorate, travel, play board games, watch movies, go camping, go kayaking, talk philosophy and all kinds of other fun stuff.

One of the reasons we decided to start blogging was to keep track of our many recipe creations and write them down for later use.   Since have been creating new recipes and enjoying great food together.  In 2001, Jen placed in the top 5 in a national recipe contest for Ocean Spray Canada and in 2012, she took 3rd place in a national recipe contest for Olivieri Pasta and in 2017, placed in the top 3 of a Betty Crocker recipe contest.

We try to eat healthy and eat “real” food, and in the most delicious ways…. Sometimes,  however, we fail in the healthy part.  When we do, it’s also delicious… and share-worthy… so we will share!

We’ll also write about, and post pictures from our renovation projects, Jen’s decorating and craft projects as well as just random stuff we find either interesting or fun… and we hope you do as well.  Then, there’s the opinion section, where we always welcome yours.

So stay awhile, check it out and stick around.  Welcome to

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