Crafty Stuff

March Spring Planters

By the time early March rolls around, I don’t know what to do with my front porch planters.   By mid January, I’ve removed anything truly “Christmasy” from and leave evergreen boughs but really by March, I want the evergreens gone too.  And there’s no flower or plant yet growing in March.  I’ve seen some fake flowers in planters but of course, they look utterly and completely fake.  So, I went looking through dollar stores and decided that if I was going to go fake, I might as well go metalic… go super fake…and make sure everyone knows that I do am not trying to pass these flowers off as real!  Nor are these birds.  They are pretend birds!  But they’re pretty, aren’t they?  Or not?   Good?  Bad?  Ugly?  Tacky?  Comments are welcome.  (the round thing at the front of the 2nd one is a spotlight that shines on the front door)



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