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The Easiest to Make, Cheapest, Most Effective Natural Deodorant! Seriously!

When I first became aware of the dangers of the cancer causing chemicals in anti perspirant and deodorant, I went out to my health food store and bought a “natural” stick deodorant.  It was very ineffective in that the smell coming from my armpit after a day’s use was worse than if I had naturally perspired.  Yuck.  I then learned about Lime juice and for awhile found that to be very effective… However, after about a month, I got an extremely red and painful ring around the area where I sprayed the lime juice.  It took five days of using a zinc cream, as well as no deodorant, in order to get the painful rash to go away.  After that, by default, I just went back to using a drug store brand.  However, still concerned, I began experimenting.  And came up with this.




1/4  cup Organic Lime Juice (freshly squeezed or pre-bottled)

1/4 cup  Double strength Chamomile tea


It’s so simple.  Put it into a spray bottle (available at dollar stores) and use daily.

It’s super effective!   And no rash!

I have had it in my bathroom cabinet for a week with no sign of turning bad.  If you have doubts, just keep it in the fridge.

Give it a try!  You will love it.

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