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Back to Blogging and the Reason (or Excuse) I Stayed Away – The Beach House Reno!

It’s been about a year since I have blogged regularly.

It’s time to get back at it.   It feels like a need…. on my mind regularly.  Four or five nights a week, while laying down to sleep, I think about the many things I want to blog about.   I just haven’t take the time to actually get back on and do it.

I used the excuse that we were renovating for not logging on and saying a few words or posting a few pics.  My husband thought I should have been blogging all along during the major reno.  He was right. It’s been a very interesting year.   The little fixer-upper with faded white aluminum siding with 1970’s decor has been completely transformed into a stylish beach house that folks certainly slow down in their cars to see.  In fact, I’ve seen them stop and stare for a few minutes.   Maybe they’re just in disbelief of the bold exterior colour choice of torquoise!

Here’s the before and after.


Before and afters photos of the interior as well as the current basement redo, will all be coming soon, along with more invented and discovered recipes and new insights gained or philosophical questions that need to be asked.

Ironically, the page is called keeponbloggin’ and I just stopped suddenly.  However,  something or someone is calling me to write.  It’s an instinct that has been nagging that I won’t, or can’t ignore any longer.

Cheers to a new commitment to blogging and a fun year of blogging ahead.



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