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Scott’s Roasted Tomato Soup

I always love it when Scott makes this soup. It’s always on a weekend afternoon that he gets the urge.

He heads out to market or the store for fresh roma tomatoes, onions, garlic  and in no time, the wonderful aroma of roasting veggies are flooding the main floor of the house.

There is no better tomato soup out there.  There just isn’t.   It’s time consuming and it requires a bit of labour but it’s not difficult.   It would be hard to mess up.  There’s nothing tricky so it’s a great soup for a beginner that wants to make an elegant a gourmet feel.  Simple ingredients make for a rich, beautiful appetizer or main course that will steal the show every time.

Roma tomatoes, onions and garlic are roasted together the pan for an hour, until they look like the photo below.

Water is added, the mixture is blended, then strained.

The soup that is left is put on the stove to cook until it’s reduced, with the lid off, to the desired thickness.  For notes on ‘Reducing and Reduction” scroll down on this post.

It’s a really healthy soup too.   Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C,  potasium, folate and Vitamin K, also prevent some kinds of cancers.  Onions are beneficial for skin, hair, sleep and mood, and are also preventatives in some types of cancer.  The soup contains a lot of garlic, another powerhouse food that fights heart disease, lowers blood pressure, improves bone health and more.


Scott’s Roasted Tomato Soup  (4 -6 servings) 


3 full heads garlic

12 roma tomatoes – cut in half

1 red onion red cut into chunks

2 tbsp oil

1 + 2 cups water  (divided)

Sea salt to taste


Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.  Place veggies into a large roasting pan, coat with oil and cook for about an hour.   After about 30 minutes, remove the garlic and squeeze it into a blender or food processor.   After about an hour, remove the roasted veggies and place them in the food processor with the garlic.   Put a cup of hot water into the pan to help remove veggie bits and then put it all in the food processor, along with 2 more cups of water.   Pour the soup into a strainer to remove tomato skins.   Use a wooden spoon or pestle to strain the mixture.  Discard the skins and pour the liquid into a medium-large pot and cook until it’s reduced to the desired consistency and add salt to taste.




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