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Creamy 1 Point Hot Chocolate (Vegan, 1 WW Point, Keto)

I recently started on Weight Watchers and decided to come up with a nice indulgent cup of hot chocolate that is also low on points.

And this recipe is the winner.  Rich, chocolatey and just a one weight watcher’s point.   You can’t beat that.  The best milk for richness and low points is cashew milk, which of course, is also vegan, but make you sure get the unsweetened kind.    Cashew milk, at just 1 point per cup, compares with the richness of a two percent cow’s milk, which is 5 points, so switching over to cashew is indeed a no brainer.  In fact most of the dairy-free milk offerings are far lower than cow’s milk.

We calculated the cashew milk at one teensy point, that is really all of the points that are needed to calculate.  The rest are all free, no matter what plan you are on.

Enjoy a cup of this hot chocolate after a meal as dessert, an evening snack or, as it’s pretty filling, as an in-between-meal snack that will take the edge off until it’s time for your next meal.

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When you first add the cocoa to the milk, it will be not mix well, as shown below.  As the milk warms, the cocoa will blend nicely.   choc

This is a simple way to get that chocolate fix and stay right on track.   Vanilla adds a nice touch while the salt takes away from any bitterness you might find in the stevia.  The amount of stevia will depend on the level of sweetness.  I used 1 and a half packs.


hot choc

Creamy 1 Point Hot Chocolate  (1 Serving – 1 point)

1 cup cashew milk (unsweetened)

2 tsp cocoa

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 to 2 packet stevia

pinch of salt


Measure 1 cup of cashew milk into a small pot.  Add the cocoa and heat slowly over medium low, while stirring until almost boiling.  Add the remaining ingredients and pour into a cup to enjoy.


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