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Butter Chicken Spiced Vegan Cauliflower Soup

soupNow here we have a tasty, thick and rich soup bursting with wonderful, exotic flavors.

A large bowl adds up to just 191 calories.   The recipe can serve 4 people as an appetizer or 2 for a meal.  So the 191 is calculated as the meal portion.  In other words, make the soup, divide into 2 large bowls, and each is 191 calories.   You will be full and satisfied on this 191 calorie meal so it’s a great meal for weight loss.

If you’re confused by the title of “butter chicken” with “vegan”, let me clarify.   What makes butter chicken what it is, is the spice itself.   There is no actual butter in butter chicken either.   Butter chicken spice is a wonderful combination of spices.  Depending on the brand name, it likely includes garam masala, ginger, garlic, lemon or lime, pepper, coriander, cumin, turmeric and chili.

So, there is no butter and no chicken in the yummy soup.  It’s 100 percent vegan.  I do with they would change the name of the spice though.

This soup is pretty easy to make.  Cut up your cauliflower and potato, boil, drain, measure some water back, then add your coconut milk, spices and blend, heat, then serve.

To Sweat or Not to Sweat?   That is the question.

For this recipe, cayenne pepper is used.  Cayenne will add the ‘heat’ to your dish, so if you are not sure, use half the amount and test it out when the soup is warmed up.   If you like it really spicy, you might even want to add more.


Here is a photo of the mixture all ready to blend up with a hand blender.  You can also pour the mix into a blender to blend it all.

soup 3

TIP – Feed Your Plants The Drained Water

With this recipe, you’re going to drain all of the liquid from the boiled veggies, and then add a measured amount back.

So what do you do with the stuff that would normally go down the drain?  I heard about this tip on a Facebook post and thought it was a pretty good idea.  When you’ve boiled your veggies, save the drained water, let it cool and use it to water your plants.   I just started doing this myself, so I can’t attest to the results, however I am hearing great things.  It’s along the same lines as composting, so I can see why it would work.


Vegan Butter Chicken Spiced Cauliflower Soup


3  1/2 cups Califlower  (.75 pound)

1 large potatoes  1 cup chopped  (.35 pounds

1 cup vegetable water, from drained veggies

1 can coconut milk

1 tbsp. Butter chicken spice

3/4 tsp sea salt

2 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp Tandoori spice

1/2 tsp cumin

pinch of cayenne (or more to taste)


Cut up cauliflower and peeled potato and put it in a medium size pot.  Cover with water and boil it until the veggies are nice and soft.  Drain the liquid into another bowl, and add back 1 cup, as well as all of the other ingredients on the list.   Blend it with a hand blender  (immersion blender) or in a regular blender until smooth.  Heat to just about boiling, then simmer 5 minutes and serve.

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