Yes, I Am A Conspiracy Theorist; Why Aren’t You?

It’s been a few years now, that I have been willing to call myself a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I don’t mind the title because it’s true. I do entertain the idea that conspiracies are happening.  

It’s the implication that the title also indicates that there is something wrong with me – that I’m paranoid, delusional or that there is something wrong with my mental faculties – and I take issue with that.

In this blog post, I’ll prove that idea is completely false.

Fact: The Ruling Class, Governments, Royalty Have Always Conspired


Every single human being that is in a position of power, is prone to the same kinds of feelings and temptations that us ‘regular folk’ are prone to: jealousy, greed, power, control, and all kinds of other transgressions. Not only are those in power are not immune to any of this, they may, in fact, may be in positions where more temptations arise.

Manipulations, control tactics, atrocities, cover-ups, conspiracies and lies have been exhibited by Kings, Queens, Czars etc since humans have been recording their stories. You will not be hard pressed to find countless stories where the ruling classes have conspired and covered up their doings.

But that’s ancient history, right? Elected humans and royals are of our modern era are of very high moral calibre and are not prone to wrong doing, and certainly not covering anything up. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

Newsflash: Humans have not evolved.

Humans are still beheading each other, raping, pillaging, killing and the list goes on and on. In fact, when I see people doing toilet-licking challenges, it makes me wonder if humans aren’t actually devolving.

Fact: Modern Day Proven Conspiracies Have Indeed Happened

Many Conspiracies, Many Years

Think about some of the movies you have seen, that had to do with the unraveling of true conspiracies.

Erin Brockovitch allowed the world to see some relatively small scale corruption that was killing many. And this powerhouse of a woman, Erin Brockovitch, is nowhere near done. She continues to fight against these kinds of heinous crimes that are being covered up by those committing them.

While some joke “there’s something in the water”, there really is something in the water. If nothing like the contaminants and poisons that Ms Brockovich fights against, in many places, fluoride, an actual waste product is being dumped into the municipal water deemed safe for consumption all over the world, even in my own municipality. Even if fluoride was actually proven to be good for teeth, do we really need to be ingesting it daily?

The entire country of Israel banned fluoride in drinking water. Read about that and the effects of drinking water here. Incidentally, one effect is that is makes people docile. How convenient!

Even if not totally proven, Oliver Stone’ JFK got a lot of people thinking. If you’re one of the ones who was left thinking and wondering, you may just be a bit of a conspiracy theorist yourself. (Did you know JFK openly condemned secret societies?)

We may never know, in this lifetime, what happened with JFK, or the bombing of the twin towers, or many other well known, but unproven theories, there are some very bizarre conspiracies that did happen.

Fact: Bizarre Conspiracies Did Happen

This article is a very interesting read about some very bizarre conspiracies that were actually true. I didn’t know the Canadian Government hired a university professor to create “Gaydar” to detect the sexuality of people. As a result 400 people lost their jobs and thousands were put on a suspect list.

I also did not know about the Bohemian Grove, also mentioned in the article, although it doesn’t surprise me. It’s a secretive yearly gathering of prominent men from around the world on a 2700 acre heavily wooded property. Do you wonder what goes on there?

Or what about the Bildeburg Group, where world leaders meet in secret with no media allowed? Did you ever wonder what they talk about? Or why they don’t seem to want us to know? 

Here are a few more totally bizarre conspiracies that have happened, from Reader’s Digest.

Thanks to Wikileaks, and Julian Assange, we were made aware of war crimes from governments around the world and other secrets and cover ups.


The Supposed Personality Traits of Conspiracy Theorists


By now, hopefully, you will accept that conspiracies have always been happening, and that, logically, they might still be happening. And, perhaps, I may have established that it’s not weird to question the narrative we are being handed by our mainstream media, who are in fact, owned by a handful of wealthy corporations that control the content.

So further, I’d like to address commonly heard criticisms of conspiracy theorists.


Myth # 1 – Conspiracy Theorists are Paranoid!


1. Irrational distrust or suspicion of others, especially as occurring in people with psychiatric disorders such as paranoid personality disorder and schizophrenia: paranoia about neighbors stealing from his vegetable garden.2. Intense anxiety or worry: paranoia about losing her job.

Note the word ‘irrational’, because it is key.

In the example of the vegetable garden, above, would a person who has witnessed the neighbours stealing from his vegetable garden on multiple occasions, be considered paranoid for thinking they are still stealing from his garden? Of course not.

The irrational part says it all. Suspicions can be warranted.

An example of a person experiencing true paranoia might go like this. Joe, the son of a plumber is a factory worker in Idaho who thinks that the FBI are following him in unmarked pickup trucks that are disguised as potato farmers. He believes someone is putting poison in the foods in his pantry whenever he leaves his house and that they put a camera in his vehicle to track his movements. “Irrational”. Get it?

Myth # 2 – Conspiracy theorists believe they have secret knowledge

I wish! Again, laughable.

Most conspiracy theorists are well aware that we are at the bottom level when it comes to intel. We’re being told the same narrative that everyone else is, but we tend to not accept that as the only narrative there is. The media gives us the info they want us to know and that is all we are given.

The media, being owned by a handful of corporations, who control the narrative. The corporations are very wealthy with the means to affect the lawmakers, and therefore change the laws. So, we do not necessarily trust the info. Why do you?

Unless others like Julian Assange decide to delve in to give us new facts, we are left to our own devices to learn. And as stated, the end of true journalism is over, with Assange as the last example of someone who wanted to get the truth out to the people, left to rot in prison.


Why Conspiracy Theories Rise

Conspiracy theories rise when the narrative we are handed does not make sense. It just doesn’t add up. Is there another explanation that makes more sense and is there a monetary profit involved?

Where did the term “Conspiracy Theory” come from?

The term was invented decades ago by the CIA. What a fantastic way to make anyone questioning the government look like a crazy. How could you possibly question the government? You must be crazy!

In reality, we all question the government.

If you vote Liberal and it’s perfectly socially acceptable to question that the Conservatives are lying and conspiring and hiding information. And vice versa if you are Conservative. Completely normal to question the narrative and wonder if there is corruption and scandal going on. You may not like what the other side is questioning, but you don’t actually question their state of mind.

And of course, in Canada, we have seen corruption, and scandals and even the first time ever a Prime Minister charged with violating ethics, just in the last few years. It exists. We all know it.

So, while we question the government, it would be crazy to think that they could be collaborating together. This might sound like a stretch because it seems to be something new, but it doesn’t mean it is not being done.

A New World Order, as it’s called, has been in the works for centuries and was first publicly mentioned on television by George Bush Senior in 1990. The date happened to be September 11.





5 thoughts on “Yes, I Am A Conspiracy Theorist; Why Aren’t You?

  1. Well said! Ppl have a hard time with the idea that everything they’ve been taught being full of deceit. I like how you mentioned that there’s proof behind the theories. The majority of ppl aren’t ready to face the facts. Good on you for spreading knowledge.


  2. Love this article, and it is so timely! I often wonder what it is about people that will make them join the masses in following like sheep and accepting what they are being fed, instead of entertaining a healthy dose of doubt, curiosity, inquisitiveness. It’s almost a habit to label anything that is not mainstream conspiracy, and how the term became derogatory when it should actually be the opposite. It should be a compliment to those who keep their eyes open, those who research and think for themselves, who put in the legwork and most importantly, who are courageous enough to face the truth.
    Brilliant, brilliant article! Much love and harmony!


    1. Thank you for the comments. I totally agree. I don’t know what the difference is either. I have been trying to figure it out and can’t. Much love and harmony back to you!


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