The Fear, Blame, Guilt and Shame Game Of Covid 19

This blog post is to address concerns that I am certain that like-minded people are experiencing with the same agony, whilst debating various aspects of the Covid 19 panic in regards to opening up the restrictions.

Over and over, I see memes and have the same conversations about the fact that some people do not want shopping, restaurants, work places, public transportation etc,  or life as we knew it, to open up because they are afraid that they might pass the virus along to someone who may die.

Someone actually said this to me.  “If I save even one life by staying inside it is all worth it”.   First of all, how would they ever know if they had caught Covid, let alone if they had infected someone, especially a stranger?

Where and When Does the Fear End?

Secondly, even if they knew 100 percent that Covid-19 was no longer a threat, that line of thinking could also translate to the belief that they should remain inside for the rest of their lives, in the event they catch influenza or pneumonia and accidentally infect someone who may die.  Incidentally, more have died from influenza and the flu this year, according to the CDC stats.

This line of thinking could be extended to think that you might get into your car, get into an accident and accidentally kill someone.  Therefore, you should no longer drive your car.

This line of thinking could be branch out into the belief that the pink and purple highlights in your hair, might cause a distraction to another driver, who might get into an accident and die.  You should not have pink and purple highlights, or stay at home, lest you cause an accident.

In fact, some people, before Covid 19, were riddled with fears of all kinds that prevented them from leaving their homes.   It’s called agoraphobia, and I can’t help but wonder if  Covid 19 is causing more of this.


The Narrative From Months Ago


I will admit, freely, that when this virus first hit, I too, was also concerned – very concerned.   Although my husband and I are healthy and have no underlying health issues, we both had concerns that we might pass this along to someone else who may die.  Because neither of us are sociopaths, and we are, in fact, compassionate people, that was our main concern and that concern seemed very reasonable three months ago.

We were being told that this was a deadly virus, that it would kill two of every 100 people that came into contact with it, and that it was fast spreading.  I believed that we needed to stay indoors as much as we could, so as not to catch the disease, and not affect others.

I ramped up the intake of our Vitamin C and D, as well as immunity boosting fruits and veggies.  I made a natural essential oil mix, an immunity booster known as ‘thieves’, made some natural disinfectants to spray while we were out, and to clean the house and surfaces with.  Like everyone else, we were washing our hands a lot more for a lot longer.

I was concerned when my husband went to work.  I asked often how things were dealt with, and about procedures put in place.


Measures Extended Indefinitely


On April 9, when the Prime Minister of Canada made the announcement that our  current measures could last as long as 18 months, I was the screaming, “Shut it down!  Shut it all down!   For 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks!   No one goes anywhere, except to the hospital. No one leaves their homes.   No one goes to work.  Society stops for a short time, to get this over and done with.”

By this time, most, I would guess judging by the lack of items on the store shelves, had groceries stocked up.  Those who needed food, diapers, formula, drugs could be delivered once a week a shipment of the basics, delivered by the army or the police.

I mean, if  it was true, as we are led to believe, that the virus really would just go away if we stay home, then wouldn’t it make sense to make it go away faster, by implementing very strict measures for a short time, rather than 18 months?   While stricter measurements were not put in place, more closures further in the future were being called off.

For weeks, I kept hearing that it was going to get bad in “two days”.  Nothing was happening, thankfully.  Then again, “two days”.   Headlines were consistently instilling fear about outbreaks and people testing positives and temporary hospitals were being built to meet the demand of the soon to be infected.

We are now many months into the virus, and months into shut downs and extreme measures.  The death tolls are much lower than what was expected as are the recovery rates.

We learned that many hospitals in the US were laying off staff and in danger of closing, while hospitals in Canada were also very slow.

In Canada, more than 80 percent of the deaths were from those in long term care.   We knew from the start that it would affect the elderly and the medically compromised.

It’s a sad fact, but the issue is that many experts say the healthy should never have been quarantined – only the compromised and the elderly.


Fact:  Experts From Around the World Are Speaking Out Against the Current Measures


Here are some links on just some of these experts if you are interested in reading more, where you will hear from many experts from around the world, who are questioning the measures that were implemented.


Twelve Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

Ten More Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

Eight More Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic


Besides these experts, the doctors that are speaking out, making and publishing videos are countless.


Stats from the CDC

To Date: (May 14/20) in the USA, 84,000 have died from Influenza or Pneumonia.  55,000 have died from Covid.


In the USA, we can now compare Covid deaths with Influenza and Pneumonia in 2020 and see that more more people  have died from either Influenza or Pneumonia than those who died of Covid.

Never mind the fact that hospitals are paid more by Medicare to list deaths as Covid-19.

If this fact doesn’t phase you whatsoever, there is a problem.  With you.


Fact:  People Are Dying From Covid Who Never Had Covid


As well, we see now that domestic abuse cases are on the rise.   If you do a search for “domestic abuse cases Covid”, or “child abuse Covid”, you will find startling statistics from all over the world.  In this article, you can read about the abuse calls being double what they used to be.

An article from March 29 talked about the suicide rates in Tennessee surpassing the covid death rate.   This article from CBS talks about the deaths of suicide, and expects the rate to be up to 75,000 in the USA.  In this Daily Mail  article, they predict suicides due to Covid prevention measures could lead to double the deaths of those who die from the virus.

Never mind the deaths due to increased alcohol and drug use due to the measures in place.  This Vancouver Sun article examines the death count.

On top of that, there are those with conditions who have died because thousands of  surgeries were cancelled due to the emergency response measures that were expectantly put in place for Covid patients.  In the province of Ontario, Canada, alone, dozens of heart patients have died, due to cancelled surgeries.  I wonder what the statistics look like worldwide for those who were scheduled for life saving surgeries for many various health issues, that were also cancelled due to the anticipated caring for Covid patients.

If early detection is key, when it comes to cancer diagnoses, then some may be in trouble due to that fact that people are missing out on this early detection due to Covid 19.

It’s Not Selfish To Want To Open Up – Quit With the Manipulation and Guilt 


I am sick and tired of being accused of being selfish for wanting to open things back up.

I, am a fortunate person, to have an amazing spouse who is my best friend.  We live in a great area where there is beautiful scenery right in our back yard and a lake view a few meters away.   We have lots of projects to do and are never bored.  We have no money concerns.   We can sleep in and do whatever we want at a leisurely pace.  Sure, we miss many things we used to do, but for the sake of humanity, as we’re both caring, compassionate people, living like this, for us, would be a cinch – for a year or whatever it takes.

However, it’s far from a ‘cinch’ for many people: the unemployed with no income losing homes, losing jobs, losing their minds;  the abused who have no where to go;  the single moms in apartment building, homeschooling and no where to take their kids outside;  the kids of fearful parents, afraid to walk outside; the elderly at home by themselves. This list goes on and on.  These are the people we all need to think about.

So don’t tell me it’s selfish to open up the economy and get things back to normal.  It is anything but selfish.  Especially when the science surrounding lockdowns, extreme measures, social distancing etc, is hotly debated among the experts and nowhere near settled.


What About a Second or Third Wave?


What about that?  Is there some sort of a guarantee that this is to happen?   What if there was no second wave or third wave, but there were people experiencing symptoms and death from another source?


This is where things get strange.  By now you’ve heard of 5G and how the towers are being erected during the time of the first wave of Covid 19.   Perhaps by now, you have not given it much thought, or dismissed it as a conspiracy theory.

I just have one question for you.  Why are literally hundreds of thousands of scientists petitioning against it?   This is just one petition.  There are many more like it.

Please do your research.   Please don’t be so naive to believe the governments of the world love you and want to take care of you.

Please don’t be so paralyzed by fear, that you can’t think critically and question what is going on around you.

Please remember all the talk about ‘population control’.

Please read this article:  Yes I Am A Conspiracy Theorist – Why Aren’t You?

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