Why Aren’t We Talking?

We’re at a time in history when, no matter where you live in this world, change is upon us. And that change is magnitudinal.

Whether you’re for the strict government measures and feel that catching covid is a serious threat to most of humanity, or whether you believe that the threat is minimal to most, and that this is more government over-reach, it seems that the two opposite schools of thought are not really talking about it. I mean really talking.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve always been told not to discuss religion or politics and that covid somehow also falls into that same kind of category, simply because it’s a controversial issue.

So basically, just don’t talk about anything controversial.

Who is it that placed those rules upon us anyway? Why can’t we discuss controversial issues? Is it because people get heated and can’t maintain their emotions? Well then, maybe those people shouldn’t discuss controversial issues. The rest of us can, and we should.

Maybe the rest of us want to discover truth and don’t mind changing our minds when faced with new information.

Since my early 20’s, I’ve been discussing the touchy subjects with friends and acquaintances. There was not a single subject off limits, that I can recall. I’ve literally had decades of experience honing my thoughts, discovering new truths about the world around me. It’s due to discussions that I’ve had the opportunity to think and rethink and gain insight. I am grateful for these discussions, especially the times that I found myself stumped, which then caused me pause to re-evaluate and change my mind in favor of a better idea.

I recall something that always interested me from college sociology classes years ago in regards to the topic of conversing. It was the simple point made in class about furniture placement. Yes, furniture placement, in particular, the furniture of the living room, or what was known as the parlour.

Before the television set came into the picture, furniture was placed for conversation. Imagine that? Sofas and chairs were placed around the room so that conversation was optimal.

Then along came the electronic focal point, I prefer the term “tell-a-vision”, and furniture was placed around the domineering device so that everyone in the room could get their best shot at seeing and hearing whatever was coming from this device of wonder and enchantment.

I’ll refrain from the topic of why they call it ‘programming’ for now.

But the point is that people used to talk – about the delicate issues like politics and religion, They used to enjoy what was once known as ‘the art of conversation’. And today, it really is an art.

So we are now at a time when elected officials who are supposed to be working for us, are dictating our behavior to the point of the extremes of not allowing us to see family and friends, even if they are dying; not being allowed into certain stores while others can remain open; not allowing us to eat in restaurants. Whether you like it or not, people are being coerced, against their will, into taking an injection that’s not medically-approved by today’s standards.

But we shouldn’t talk about it!!!

Unless, of course, we talk to those who agree with us.

I’ve seen far too many people on Facebook putting up controversial statements in favor of the government mandates while disallowing anyone to counter any of it. If someone disagrees, no matter how respectful or earnest, they are either swiftly unfriended, or the whole discussion is removed. The information must be controlled.

Some have to reiterate that they are correct and disallow any thoughts that might counter their belief.

In truth, their beliefs are actually fragile if they can’t stand up to any amount of scrutiny or question.

Like the meme I’ve seen over and over and it rings so true: “The truth doesn’t mind being questioned. It’s the lie that hates the challenge.”

Let’s talk. Let’s delve in, converse and exchange ideas.

No matter which side of the fence you’re currently on, let’s do our best to get this right. We owe it to ourselves and the future generations to do our damndest to figure this out as best as we possibly can and that means putting away the pride that says “I need to be right’.

I always say, “I don’t want to be right, I want to be in the truth”.

Let’s be okay with listening, with the idea of being wrong. Let’s ask questions instead of making absolute statements. Let’s take a dignified approach when it’s time to change our minds, satisfied that the ideas brought before us are better ones and make more sense than the ones we previously held, making us that much closer to the truth.

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