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When Doctors and Nurses are Quitting Their Jobs and Forgoing Pensions Rather Than Take the Injection, It’s Time To Reconsider How “Safe and Effective” They Really Are

Those who look beyond ‘the news’ have known for months that employees from various professions have been quitting their jobs, or are being fired, or suspended without pay, rather than subject themselves to the spike protein injection. In that list, were people from all kinds of professions including teachers, professional athletes, police – all “crazy conspiracy theorists”, right?

However, now that we are abundantly aware, or should be, of the multitudes of heath care workers who are quitting their jobs and forgoing their pensions, it should be obvious that there is something might b wrong with this injection, or that the testing of it was so poor that those at the front line and those educated in health and medicine have serious concerns.

Knowing that health care workers are refusing the shot, how can anyone continue to blindly believe that this untested injection is as “safe and effective” as the pharma-owned mainstream media continues to tell us, or perhaps more appropriately, sell us?

What Is Motivating The Health Workers Who Refuse the Shot?

Imagine working your entire adult life in a career and having to end that career abruptly because an new injection is being forced upon you? Imagine looking forward to a retirement with a nice pension, and having to forego that pension, that security? Clearly, the health care workers at the forefront of this ‘pandemic’ are not convinced of the assurances about safety and efficacy are the truth. They may also have the insight to feel they don’t need this injection in order to recover from covid. They also may feel they’ve been subjected enough to covid, to have derived immunity from it? Who better to know, than those on the front lines of the health systems?

This Ontario Emergency Physician, Dr Rochagné Kilian recently resigned over the injection mandates. “Kilian estimated that 80 percent of the patients she saw in the ER during the past month who had inexplicable symptoms were “double vaxxed.”

Another example from my own province of Ontario Canada, Grand River Hospital, where 136 hospital staff were recently place on unpaid leave.

Stories from Healthcare Workers Around the World

Stories like these aren’t partial to any particular geographic area. They are found all over the world.

Here is an article that points to a study from Germany where health care workers are refusing the injection.

In Italy, health care workers were taking the government to court over injection mandates.

In the USA, here is just one example of physicians in Alabama rising up and speaking out to the government against the injection mandates.

When 700 USA physicians were surveyed in June, it’s interesting to note that although these injections were available for more than 6 months, a whopping 58 percent, remained unjabbed, and close to that same number were aware of patients with adverse effects from the jab.

Recent stats from Victoria, Australia show that paramedics, although forced to inject to remain employed, “Of all Ambulance Victoria staff, 67 per cent or 4,531 people have received two doses of the vaccine.”

Wouldn’t paramedics, doctors and nurses be lined to line up in January, if the shot was indeed “safe and effective, in a scary, deadly pandemic?”

These doctors from around the world are not just not wanting the injection for themselves, but are also issuing warnings to the public about the experimental injection. One such doctor states this, “My name is Andrew Kaufman. I’m a medical doctor and Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist. This pandemic is not a real medical pandemic. The COVID-19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective, because there’s not been enough time. In addition, there is not a clear definition of any new disease for which it can be tested against. There has not been a virus that has been purified or shown to the cause of an illness. Thus, there is no target for a vaccine…The bottom line is that since no additional deaths have occurred in relation to a new disease, there is simply no reason for a new vaccine.”

To quote a Facebook user by the name of Alec Zeck whose post was being passed around,

“No, No, No. Please don’t listen to those doctors and scientists that are risking their careers and having nothing to gain by speaking out. Listen to these doctors and scientists that are being promoted by pharmaceutical backed media sources”.

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Doctors Who Accepted Bribes And Then Tricked Their Patients

And then, we have doctors in Greece who not only accepted bribes from people who did not want the jab, lied to the people, accepted the bribe and injected them with the very injection of which they feared. These doctors completely ignored their patients legitimate concerns, accepted money and then forced a shot into them that the did not want. Talk about despicable. This article calls their actions ‘hilarious’. What kind of messed up world are we living in?

What Motivated Health Care Workers to Get the Injection?

While the majority of health care workers are getting the injection, one might wonder how many did against their better judgement? The question to ask then, might be, before the injections were mandated, how many staff voluntarily decided to accept injection? I found countless articles from all over the world in January and February about high numbers of health care workers refusing the shot.

If you want to search for yourself, just type into google “Health care workers refuse shot” and you will see as well, although you may have to go to page 3 or 4 to start to discover the many articles that exist.

The Bigger Picture

The fact is that the injections have been around since late 2020 and available to front line workers since early 2021. By by mid 2021, the fact is that had to be mandated to these front line health care workers. This should tell you everything you need to know. They were not taking them voluntarily. It makes me wonder how many took the injection because they felt they had no choice?

Can you see the bigger picture here? Can you take a step back and rethink and re evaluate?

What The Inventor of the MRNA Vaccine Has To Say

The inventor of the MRNA Vaccine, Robert W. Malone, has been speaking out for awhile now and tweeted this.

“I am going to speak bluntly. Physicians who speak out are being actively hunted via medical boards and the press. They are trying to delegitimize and pick us off one by one. This is not a conspiracy theory – this is a fact. Please wake up. This is happening globally.”

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