We are a fun loving couple who like to eat, make food, eat food, create new recipes, renovate, decorate, travel, play board games, watch movies, go camping, go kayaking,  find treasures at second hand stores and garage sales, talk philosophy and all kinds of other fun stuff.

One of the reasons we decided to start blogging was to keep track of our many recipe creations and write them down for later use!

We try to eat healthy and eat “real” food, and in the most delicious ways…. Sometimes,  however, we fail in the healthy part.  When we do, it’s certainly also delicious.

Jen also is a crafty girl and will share some great ideas and decorating projects and, as avid renovators, we can show you our latest projects.

We are Canadians who are happy for our freedom and those who fought for it and continue to do so.

As long as we can, we’ll keep on Rockin’ Talkin’ Sharin’ Playin’ Bloggin’ in the free world.

So stick around and enjoy your stay!


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