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Vegan Sausage and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

You have to try these amazing stuffed mushrooms.   I serve them to omni friends who rave about them. The vegan cheese and sausage could fool any omni into thinking these mushrooms are made with animal products, but they are 100 percent cruelty-free and delicious. I am liking the Daiya cheese lately too.   When… Continue reading Vegan Sausage and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

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Fire Roasted Tomato Harvest Soup

Nothing like getting a big bunch of freshly picked, local tomatoes and trying to figure out what to do with them. It’s a rainy, summer day here and soup sounds like a great thing to go with the homemade pretzels that are rising.     The recipe is fairly simple.   Grill the tomatoes. onion… Continue reading Fire Roasted Tomato Harvest Soup

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Creamy Vegan Spinach Soup

“Wow” guests at your next dinner party.  This soup is easy to make and makes a wonderful, full flavored appetizer, or a nice main course lunch.  It’s simple to make, and you can make it the day before and reheat it and get the same results you would if you had made if fresh. If… Continue reading Creamy Vegan Spinach Soup

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Garlic Gorgonzola Flatbread With Pine Nuts

A meld of interesting and intense flavors, this thin crust flatbread is a delicious appetizer, or accompanied with a soup or salad, can be a main course.   Save this recipe for date night…the kids aint gonna like it….. it’s intended for an adult audience only….and a true foodie’s palate at that.   Vegetarian   Recipe… Continue reading Garlic Gorgonzola Flatbread With Pine Nuts


Avocado Black Bean Eggrolls (Best vegan eggrolls ever!)

Vegan/Vegetarian Makes about 18 egg rolls or spring rolls I invented this recipe about 15 years ago and cannot remember why or how I came up with the unusual combination of ingredients in both the filling and the dip.   It’s exotic and unusual and definitely gets rave reviews.     Recipe Filling 1 avocado 2… Continue reading Avocado Black Bean Eggrolls (Best vegan eggrolls ever!)