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Creamy Keto Vegan Vanilla Fudge

Vegan keto can be delicious and can change your life.   I’m dropping weight while enjoying utterly fantastic foods, like this creamy fudge. If you’re doing vegan keto and you need a sweet fix, give these a try.   I take one out of the freezer daily to thaw so that I can enjoy one… Continue reading Creamy Keto Vegan Vanilla Fudge


Vietnamese Vegan Soup – Low Carb

Being a low-carber, trying to adhere to the Ketogenic Diet, I have to say I really miss my Vietnamese Vermicelli. In the past, anytime I would go to a Vietnamese Restaurant, I would always order the Vermicelli With a Spring Roll.  It is a dish that consists of Vermicelli noodles, topped with a lettuce salad, fresh mint and… Continue reading Vietnamese Vegan Soup – Low Carb