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Second Hand Store Finds

It’s been awhile since we’ve blogged anything but since Prince’s death, The Song Raspberry Beret has been playing over and again in my mind.  If you’ve never heard of it, the lyrics go “She wore a raspberry beret.  The kind you’d find in a second hand store.  A raspberry beret.  I think I love her”.

It was my favorite song by Prince.  I like that he admired her style.  And I liked that she didn’t need to go to a store that sold the latest fashions to figure out what to wear…. she had her own style.

When I browse through second hand stores, I often marvel about what people toss aside as no longer useful of beautiful. I’m glad they are donating things, rather than throwing them out, but we are truly a society driven by consumerism – driven to buy more consumer goods, believing our old ones are just no good.

Well, I for one, see these items as still good.  So much so I decided to showcase some of them in this blog post.  So here they are.


A collage of great finds from second hand stores and garage sales.


I wasn’t sure what this was, but it was heavy and 2 dollars.  I added hooks to it, and then I knew what it became!


This coffee table was $25.  I just painted it and voila!  We get many compliments on it.



My favorite colour – cobalt blue…blue with a hint of purple.  I love this glass.  Saw a recent Pier One commercial featuring glasses much like these.  I paid just 50 cents per glass.  I doubt Pier One was selling them for that price.


Was browsing with Scott and he wanted this.    So we got it.  A bargain at a dollar!


Everything here came from a second hand shop.  Less than 10 dollars for everything!


Working electric fireplace for $100.  Painted and distressed.  Finally a place to place our Christmas stockings!


Everything here came second hand, except the large square piece and the candles.  Total of the rest was less than $12.00



With the exception of the battery candles, the rest of the collection came to a grand total of $9.00



I love this pillar I found at a garage sale for $25.00.   It was already distressed like this.


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